Latest developments in Russia

Latest developments in Russia revealing disturbing trends in home policy and ideological priorities of the Russian authorities.
12.05.13. Leonid Gozman issued a statement condemning glorification of the Stalin’s regime special SMERSH divisions (military counter-intelligence; the abbreviation literally means “death to spies”). They were responsible for deaths and imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of the Red Army military men and civilians in the near-front zone during World War II. At that Gozman compared the SMERSH to the Hitler Schutzstaffel (SS). Just several years ago it used to be a common notion; however, now it aroused indignation of the government bodies and related mass media.
13.05.13. The “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, most circulated Russian daily paper, published an article full of criticism to Gozman and regrets that the Nazi didn’t have enough time to “produce lampshades” of the current Russian liberals’ ancestors (here the fact is implied that in some death camps the Hitlerites made souvenirs of human skin). Then, according to the paper, Russia would “face fewer problems”. The article’s author is not on trial and is still employed by the paper, though Russia has a current law prohibiting justification and propaganda of the Nazi methods.
16.05.13. The State Duma council authorized its three Committees – on Defense, Security and Information Policy – to do investigation and prepare a special State Duma statement. The State Duma deputies called for Leonid Gozman’s firing, closing his weekly program at the Russian News Service radio station and banning his public utterances.
17.05.13. The State Duma deputies spent a considerable part of their plenary session discussing Gozman and his statement, claiming inadmissibility of any criticism towards the USSR and its army, denying any crimes committed by the SMERSH and NKVD (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs).
14-17.05.13. Programs disapproving the comparison of Stalin and Hitler as well as the two systems’ punitive agencies and criticizing Leonid Gozman personally were broadcast by all federal TV channels. As for L. Gozman, he has more than once confirmed his viewpoint. The Duma deputies demand to introduce a special law prohibiting any criticism towards the Soviet leadership of the Second World War period.
During the entire period since the beginning of the campaign Gozman has been threatened with bodily harm.
As of now, the State Duma has been still investigating the case. In the nearest future the issue will be re-considered in the Duma Council and, probably, in the plenary session of the Federal Parliament.  

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